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2022 Beer Map

2022 Beers, Ciders, Wine, Seltzers & Specialty Cocktails!









DUALITY Magical Fruit Pale Ale Floral, herbaceous, nougat. 5.5% 42 Belgian-Style Pale Ale
ECLIPTIC Flamingo Planet Guava Blond Ale Easy drinking, tropical, refreshing Blonde Aler brewed with guava. Lightly hopped with Crystak and Amarillo. 5.5% 10 Blonde Ale
GORGES Gorge Sunset Blood Orange Pale Ale Bright citrus aroma, tangy orange pith bitterness. 5.2% N/A Pale Ale – American
HOPWORKS Tree Frog Organic Pale Ale Juicy, floral, dank. 5.4% 40 Pale Ale
LEVEL SkyWard Strike A light-bodied hazy pale ale with fruity, tropical and citrus hop flavors and aromas. 5.7% 35 Hazy Pale Ale
MONTAVILLA Soak Up The Citra This crisp, golden Pale Ale is full of ripe orange citrus flavors and jam-packed with tropical, grapefruit, and lime aromas from generous Citra dry hopping. 5.5% 40 Pale Ale
PONO John the Kiwi Blonde Ale A light and easy drinking blonde with a touch of sweet and acidity from real kiwi fruit. 5.0% 20 Blonde Ale
STORMBREAKER The Brew Cream Ale Pre-Prohibition style cream ale with German Northern Brewer and Saaz hops. Light and refreshing with a crispness that comes from the yeast. 5.9% 11 Cream Ale
WAYFINDER Shamanic Whip Pale Ale: The Shaman’s Revenge Classic and clear American-style pale ale. Hand-selected Northwest hops display masterful balance of resinous pine, citrus-like burst of clean hop bitterness on top of golden toasted barley. 4.7% N/A American Pale Ale


10 BARREL Refreshy Pomegranate Cider Bright apple cider with tropical pomegranate, sweet and tart. 6.3% Cider
NEW WEST CIDER Faith Crisp and dry with champagne-like effervescence. Faith is a dry cider where quality craft meets quality Northwest ingredients. 5.5% Cider
NEW WEST CIDER Squeeze Cider Our raspberry lemonade cider is a one of a kind blend of summery citrus flavor. Compliments food and sun. 5.5% Cider
REVEREND NAT’S Punch Cider A super summer refresher of fresh blood orange juice, essence of watermelons, Indian mangoes, and a punch of spicy ginger is not overly sweet. 6.5% Cider
REVEREND NAT’S Saint Citron Cider Four kinds of citrus fruits: grapefruit, Persian limes, kumquat and lemon. Finished with sea salt and ginger, perfect for porch-drinking. 5.2% Cider
SQUARE MILE CIDER Peach Lemonade Cider Crisp and clean cider with the addition of peach and lemonade puree to give slightly sweet yet mildly tart finish. 6.2% Cider
SQUARE MILE CIDER Raspberry Lemonade Cider Crisp, clean and balanced tartness from a touch of lemonade with a sweet raspberry and semi-dry finish. 6.2% Cider
STRAIGHTAWAY COCKTAILS Apicco Spritz Sparkling Pinot Gris and Muscat, with seville orange and genetian root. 13.0% Specialty Cocktail
STRAIGHTAWAY COCKTAILS Negroni Spritz Sparkling Pinot Gris and Sweet Vermouth, with seville orange peel and earthy botanicals. 13.0% Specialty Cocktail
  STRAIGHTAWAY COCKTAILS Last Word Spritz Sparkling Pinot Gris, with cherry, lime, and alpine herbs. 13.0%  – Specialty Cocktail
STRAIGHTAWAY COCKTAILS Fiore Spritz Sparkling Rose, with grapefruit and orris root 13.0% Specialty Cocktail
SWIFT CIDER Swift Pineapple Hop Cider Fresh cut pineapple, citrus, pine, lightly hopped, balanced & bubbly. 6.5% Cider
SWIFT CIDER Swift Strawberry Cider Ripe strawberries, tart apple, fruity, crisp clean finish. 6.0% Cider
COOPERS HALL White Peach Sangria A crushable blend of Dry Riesling with Peach, Clementine, Pineapple, Lemon and Lime juices with a splash of White Wine Brandy. 8.1% Wine
COOPERS HALL Pinot Noir Fruit forward and does well with a little bit of ice. 13.0% Wine
UPPER LEFT HARD SELTZER CO. Cotton Candy Hard Seltzer Low sugar retro confection Cotton Candy, just like at the fair. 5.0% Hard Seltzer
UPPER LEFT HARD SELTZER CO. Key Lime Pie Hard Seltzer Low sugar retro confection Key Lime Pie, just as refreshing as Key West. 5.0%  – Hard Seltzer


ASCENDANT Awesome Sauce Hazy IPA Brewed with oats, its smooth creamy body has flavors of tangerine & grapefruit juiciness. 6.1% 42 Hazy IPA
BAERLIC Louder More Punk Rock Brewed grown Strata, Amarillo and Chinook hops we could find – passionfruit, dank, clean pine, resinous and delicious. 8.0% A Lot Hazy IPA
EX NOVO Overcast Aura N/A N/A N/A Hazy IPA
HAMMER AND STITCH Sun Juice Made with citrus and flaked wheat. Tropical, juicy and refreshing, it makes the perfect summer sip. 6.0% 40 Hazy IPA
LABRYRINTH FORGE Hazy Mazey IPA Fluffy and delicious, Citra hops and copious amounts of flaked wheat and flaked oats paired with Franco-Belges malt lend their strengths to bring you a beast of a hazy. 6.7% 23 Hazy IPA
LAURELWOOD Hazy Flamingo Fruited Tart IPA Zesty tart and tangy lime dominates this fruited hazy IPA with passionfruit and tropical hops adding depth and complexity. A hint of lactose round out this tart refreshing ale. 5.5% 30 Hazy IPA
MOONSHRIMP Blood Orange Hazy IPA (Gluten Free) Bright citrus notes from fermenting directly on whole fruit, with Simco and Citra hops (Gluten Free) 5.5% 35 Hazy IPA (Gluten Free
PONO Agent 008 “License to Swill” USDA Experimental hop variety 008 lends flavors of stone fruit while Calista hops add berry & citrus. 5.8% 37 Hazy IPA
STORMBREAKER The Hazy Frontier Hazy IPA Live long, drink beer, and Prosper. Citra, Mosaic, and Strata hops provide aromas of passionfruit and mango with flavors of grapefruit, tropical fruit and hints of strawberry, to boldly go where no beer has gone before. 6.5% 47 Hazy IPA
THRESHOLD Night Runner Double dry-hopped with classic West Coast hops: Centennial, Columbus, and Simcoe. Notes of citrus peel and pine for a bigger but balanced hop bite. 7.0% N/A Hazy IPA


WIDMER Cold Water IPA Clean and hoppy with citrus and stone fruit flavors with a freshingly smooth finish. 6.7% 55 Cold IPA
ASSEMBLY C-C-Combo IPA Featuring 3 Oregon grown hop varieties; Citra, Comet, Centennial. Citrus with a peach and tangerine aroma. Malty backbone. 5.5% 65 IPA
ASSEMBLY Tropical IPA Tangerine, coconut, tropical fruit and stone fruit aromas with hints of cedar, mint and cream. Featuring Sabro hops. 6.5% 60 IPA
BAERLIC Better Together IPA Who knows where we’re going, or when we’ll get there. But one thing is certain, we are Better Together. West Coast IPA with Citra, Strata, & Mosaic hops. 6.2% Yes IPA
BREAKSIDE Rainbows and Unicorns Peach, breakfast cereal, pineapple, juicy fruit. 5.1% 32 IPA
BREWERY 26 Crispy Clean IPA West Coast style IPA. 7.2% 60 IPA
DESCHUTES Farmstand Fesh Mango IPA Juicy hop experience with poppin’ fruit character. 6.4% 40 IPA
HOPWORKS Giggle Nuggets Dank IPA Crisp, dank, resinous. 7.5% 70 IPA
MCMENAMINS SunFlower IPA Grapefruit, citrus, pine, straw colored, moderately bitter. 6.8% 33 IPA
MIGRATION MoHAZEic IPA Loaded with Passionfruit, papaya, orange and tropical aromas. Highlighting Mosaic, Amarillo, Citra and Wakatu hops. 6.1% 44 IPA
OLD TOWN Aramis IPA Brewed with the three Musketeers of French Hops, Aramis, Strisselspalt, and Triskel, this clear IPA is a bouquet with light herbal & earthy balance. 6.0% 50 IPA
SASQUATCH WoodBoy IPA Our flagship IPA bursts with modern citrusy and bright flavors but honors Portland’s craft history with pine and resin. 6.8% 74 IPA
ECLIPTIC LIGO West Coast IPA Citrus, berry and tropical notes are complimented by dankness and pine. 6.5% 50 WEST COAST IPA
GIGANTIC Cat Stash Fever Piney, resinous & dank. 7.5% 80 WEST COAST IPA
HAIR OF THE DOG Blue Dot Clean malt flavors with layers of pine, citrus, tropical fruit and hop flavors 7.0% N/A IPA
MONTAVILLA Lickity Split Kölsch-style ale brewed with German pilsner malt, Tettnanger hops and Kölsch yeast. Light, super balanced and way crushable…all the things you need in a light beer. 5.2% N/A IPA


10 BARREL All Ways Down Double IIPA Pineapple, citrus, tropical mango, and pine aromas and taste, slight bitterness and smooth finish. 9.0% 75 IIPA
MIGRATION HopFire IIPA Tropical notes of mango, passionfruit, interspersed with hints of pine, citrus, and dank resin. 8.0% 80 IIPA


THRESHOLD Good Dog Guava Guava and passionfruit gose, lightly tarted and bursting with tropical flavor. 6.0% N/A Gose
MOONSHRIMP Hibiscus Gose (Gluten Free) Brilliant crimson kettle sour with lots of hibiscus, celtic sea salt and a little lime. (Gluten Free) 5.9% 14 Gose (Gluten Free)
BREAKSIDE Passion Fruit Sour Tart, passionfruit, wheat. 5.0% 3 Sour
LITTLE BEAST Electric Sunshine Easy drinking sour made with real strawberry and lemon. A spritzy taste of summer! 4.8% N/A Sour
ROGUE Raspberry Tartlandia Inspired by the culinary wonderland that is Portland, Oregon, we created Raspberry Tartlandia: an outrageously delicious combination of raspberry juiciness, sea salt and refreshing tartness. It’s a flavor-packed experience, just like visiting Portland, that’ll make you want to move there or thank your lucky stars that you already have. 4.9% N/A Sour
WEST COAST GROCERY CO. Tayberry Sour A slight sour with a big taste of fresh tayberry straight from Baumans farm. 5.0% 15 Sour


ASCENDANT ThrowBack Lager The inspiration for this beer comes from the crushable lagers of yesteryear. With a water profile to match the spirit of a particular Blue Ribbon brew but made with a craft sensibility including Loral hops for a bright and citrusy finish. 4.9% 15 Lager
BREWERY 26 Sabado (Pseudo) Lager Mexican style lager brewed with a Kviek strain. 4.3% 19 Lager
GORGES Heron Helles Round body, slight malt sweetness, light bitterness, malt gives off a bready character and finishes clean & crisp 5.3% N/A Helles Lager
HAMMER AND STITCH The Lager A refreshing hoppy lager with sweet citrus aromatics and a crisp, clean finish. 5.3% 23 Lager
LABRYRINTH FORGE Heinzelmann Kolsch-Style Ale In Northern German folklore, Heinzelmänn was a lucky household spirit…so long as he was appeased. This is our take on the traditional Kölsch style. A touch of Vienna malt helps set it apart from other beers. 5.0% 27 Kölsch
LAURELWOOD Brew Deck Dry Hopped Lager Medium-light bodied. Tasting of cool climate white wine grapes, lychee, passionfruit and gooseberries. A showcase for Nelson Sauvin hops. 5.9% 41 Dry Hopped Lager
MCMENAMINS Ringlers Classic Lager Crisp, clean, freshly mowed lawn, lemon zest. 4.1% 11 Lager
MONTAVILLA Lickity Split Kölsch-style ale brewed with German pilsner malt, Tettnanger hops and Kölsch yeast. Light, super balanced and way crushable…all the things you need in a light beer 5.2% N/A Kölsch
MT. TABOR Kolsch-O-Rama 2021 Good Food Award winning traditional German-style Kölsch that’s light straw in color with a hint of graham cracker in the finish that’s cold conditioned and lightly bittered. 4.9% 19 Kölsch
MT. TABOR Lemon Lager Crisp lager brewed with lemon puree for a refreshing thirst quencher. 4.9% 19 Lager
OLD TOWN Council Crest Cucumber Lager A refreshing American lager aged on cucumbers and dry hopped on Huell melon. 5.3% 17 Lager
ROGUE Honey Kolsch Brewed with wildflower honey, this Kolsch-style ale has layers of subtle floral notes accented by the honey’s natural sweetness that create a refreshing balance with the hops and malts. Honey Kolsch is our liquid ode to bees for all the wonderful work they do to keep the cycle of life turning. 5.0% 26 Kölsch
ROSENSTADT Helles Lager A full-bodied, golden, Southern German lager. Balanced malt sweetness with slight breadiness; shows off delicate German noble hop flavors and aromas. 5.3% 33 Helles Lager
ROSENSTADT Kolsch A crisp, refreshing Kölsch-style ale offering a new twist on a tradition. German Perle and Hüll Melon hop varieties provide pleasant bitterness accented by notes of ripe melon and strawberry in the finish. 5.1% 28 Kölsch
SASQUATCH Nova-American Light Lager Crisp & clean summer crusher. The beer of choice after a long day at work or a day lounging on the lawn. 4.5% N/A Light Lager
WAYFINDER WayFinder Hell Crisp, light, refreshing, brilliantly effervescent with a floral, Noble hop aroma.  4.7% N/A Helles Lager


LEIKUM Beverly Pils A light Czech style pilsner brings bready malt profile with spicy Saaz hops. That’s where I want to be. 5.3% 25 Czech-Style Pilsner
WEST COAST GROCERY CO. Peck Chilsner Crisp refreshing with a nice floral aroma. 4.5% 18 Czech-Style Pilsner
LEVEL Thrills for Pils A German-style pilsner; dry, crisp, clean with an assertive bitterness and pleasant spicy, earth, floral hop flavor and aroma. 5.0% 40 German-Style Pilsner
DESCHUTES King Crispy Pilsner Light & refreshing classic German-style pilsner, chrushable, crisp. 4.8% 30 Pilsner
DUALITY Wild Rice Pilsner Jasmine tea, cracker, lemon. 4.5% 30 Pilsner
EX NOVO Perle Haggard Pilsner Sweet bready malt, honey, floral, earthy Noble hop crisp finish. 5.1% 32 Pilsner
VON EBERT Agostini Pils Italian-style pilsner. Notes of orange peel & spearmint, verdant. 5.0% 33 Pilsner
ZOIGLHAUS Zoigl-Pils Hop-forward, spicy, herbal and citrus aromas from the German hops meld with the clean backbone of German malts and yeast. 4.8% 42 Pilsner
GIGANTIC Project Pilsner Crystal Floral, fruity, refreshing. 5.2% 35 West Coast Pilsner


ZOIGLHAUS Zoigl-Weiss German Wheat, Pilsner and Munich malts provide the light breadiness, German hops give this beer a light spicy flavoring. The Bavarian Hefeweizen yeast strain provides the rest: banana ester with a light phenolic clove note. 5.2% 15 Weiss
VON EBERT Vapor Machine Dry hopped American-style wheat beer with Citra and El Dorado hops. 5.6% N/A Wheat
WIDMER Velvet Summer Citrus & Apricot aroma, velvety & light body, smooth & fruity finish. 5.2% 21 Wheat


BINARY USB (Uptown Session Beer) This beer has light notes of beer, while the balance of beer is really enhanced by the hint of beer all topped with a finish of beer. Balanced, easy drinking, this kind of lawnmover beers will satiate the thirstiest snob while its price will beckon all drinkers. It’s seriously universal, it’s a beer. 5.3% 10 USB
HAIR OF THE DOG Doggie Klaus 2018 Warm hop flavors with aromas of sweet malt and honey. 11.0% N/A Barleywine
  HAIR OF THE DOG Fred Smooth malt flavor, light hops with a clean finish. 10.0% N/A Golden Strong Ale
HAIR OF THE DOG Hage Smooth flavor with notes of rye malt and toffee. Medium bodied. 8.0% N/A Dopplebock
LEIKUM RhineStone Eyes Altbier A deep amber beer with nutty and caramel notes balanced with slightly fruity Noble hops. Fermented with a Kolsch yeast and cold conditioned for a crisp and drinkable malty beer. 5.5% 30 Altbier
LITTLE BEAST Ferra-Brett Saison Dry and crispy with mild tartness, fruit and a complex finish. 6.3% N/A Saison


AWAY DAYS Skaus Haus Our crisp, clean, easy-drinking German style Pilsner. Well-balanced & quaffable! 4.7% N/A Pilsner
FRACTURE Pilsner Crisp. Floral. Quenchable. Hop forward German style Pilsner with Weyermann Malts, hopped with Hallertau Mittelfruh, Hersbrucker and Spalt Select.  5.2% N/A Pilsner
MIGRATION Straight Outta Portland West Coast IPA with big tropical juicy aromatics and crisp finish. Highlighting Strasa, Mosaic, and Chinook hops.  7.3% 69 IPA
STORMBREAKER Right As Rain  It is an ode to how you really never know if it will be sunny or raining in Portland.  5.6% 35 Pale Ale
  SWIFT CIDER Swift Strawberry Ripe strawberries, tart apple, fruity, crisp clean finish. 6.0% Cider
UPPER HAND HARD SELTZERS Cotton Candy Low sugar retro confection Cotton Candy, just like at the fair. 5.0% Hard Seltzer
UPPER HAND HARD SELTZERS Key Lime Pie Low sugar retro confection Key Lime Pie, just as refreshing as Key West. 5.0% Hard Seltzer
BAERLIC Dad Beer Brewed with flaked corn reminiscent of your great great grandpappy’s favorite chuggin’ beer from the 1880s but with notes of ripe fruit, fresh spring flowers and a touch of citrus in a beer made for drinkin’! 4.8% Pre-Pro Lager