The Portland BEER HALL of Fame

The Portland BEER HALL of Fame was established in 2015 to celebrate the history of brewing in Portland, Oregon. The Portland BEER HALL of Fame inducted its inaugural class on July 3, 2015.

  • Fred Eckhardt - Fred Eckhardt (born 1926) is a vererable American brewer, homebrewing advocate and publicist.  He wrote the 1989 book, "The Essentials of Beer Style".  A beer writer, beer historian and beer critc, Fred is a local celebrity in Porltand, which he has aptly described as "the brewing capital of the world". Fred Eckhardt is the inspiration behind Hair of the Dog's Fred Fest, started as an 80th birthday party for him.
  • Henry Weinhard - Henry Weinhard (1830 - 1904) was a German-American brewer who settled in the Portland, Oregon area. He worked for others in the beer business before buying his own brewery and founding Henry Weinhard's Brewery and establishing the most modern brewery in the Northwest and based in the iconic brick buildings on NW 11th & Burnnside until 1999. Famously in 1887, Weinhard offered to link the Skidmore Fountain to his largest lager tank in order to have the fountain spout free beer on its first day of operation. Although the offer was declined by the city, it still remains part of Portland lore.
  • Kurt  & Rob Widmer - Brothers Kurt and Robert Widmer founded the Widmer Brothers Brewery in 1984. In 1986, The Widmer Brothers introduced their epic Hefeweizen beer to America. With their family name attached to their brewery, the Widmer Borthers continue to take their brewing, their business and their public image personally. They pride themselves on being the Craft Brew Alliance's experimental & creative force and being able to hold their own in a city saturated with new and bold craft brewers.  Widmer is now the 9th largest brewing company in the United States.
  • Don Younger - Portland publican Don Younger (1941 - 2011), who owend the world famous Horse Brass Pub, created Oregon Craft Beer Month and championed Oregon's beer industry early on.  Younger and his brother, the late Bill Younger, bought the pub that became Horse Brass in late 1976. They had owned several pubs before, but the Horse Brass - whose motto is "If it were any more authentic, you'd need a passport..." - is one for which Younger will always be remembered.